Who is AMSAF?

In 2011 a friend and an individual who was very active in the Motorcycle Community helping so many folks personally and through her magazine was killed in a Motorcycle crash.  This individual was Kimmy Chapman. Every week we were seeing motorcycle crashes or fatalities and for whatever reason this one hit the motorcycle community hard. Many of us felt that we needed to do something to help promote motorcycle safety and awareness and hopefully through that we would help reduce crashes and fatalities.  We needed an organization or Foundation that would help the community for a long time and not just a program or theme for the month.

So out of this came Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) which was created as a 501c3 nonprofit charity foundation. AMSAF felt that the best way to help promote motorcycle safety and awareness was through education. The next step was creating a Scholarship program that helped potential Motorcycle riders or motorcycle riders get the education they needed through motorcycle training.

Since that time AMSAF has helped over 2500 individuals throughout the State get into a Motorcycle training course. In addition, we have a Facebook page that has weekly safety tips, a newsletter and Billboards that are constantly promoting motorcycle safety. 

Motorcycle crashes isn’t just a motorcycle rider problem, it’s a community problem. Motorcycle crashes are about 50 % the fault of the motorcycle rider. We all have to be careful and looking out for the other, no matter if it’s a caged vehicle or motorcycle. 

 AMSAF is a nonprofit 501c3 Foundation and we survive and grow to help save lives through your donation, Sponsorship and Grants that we go after. Ride it Forward and help AMSAF grow by giving a donation to our Foundation. Your donation is tax deductible and can help someone. 

Thank you,

Mick Degn
Executive Director