Our Mission

Mission Statement – To promote motorcycle safety and public awareness and to help reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities in Arizona.

Motorcycling has soared in popularity as a recreational activity and mode of transportation. There are more than 199,000 registered motorcycles in Arizona and the number continues to grow. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Arizona has averaged more than 3,000 motorcycle crashes each year – and the figures keep increasing. Clearly, there is a crucial need for motorcycle safety and awareness.

“The working relationship between AMSAF, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Arizona Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council is a huge opportunity to help educated the motorcycle community through the AMSAF motorcycle training scholarship. Our goal is to reduce Motorcycle crashes and fatalities here in Arizona.” Alberto Gutier, Director of Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

This is AMSAF’s mission. We are Arizona motorcyclists working for our fellow riders. And, with your tax deductible contribution, here is how we will meet our goals:

  • Promote media campaigns and public safety announcements
  • Develop motorcycle education, training and awareness programs
  • Support legislation that directly affects motorcycle safety and awareness
  • Support rider training programs