Basic Rider Course (BRC) Scholarships are sold out for the month of December.
BRC2 Scholarships are available at this time.
We will have more Scholarships available on the 2nd Monday, January 8th at 8:00 AM on this site.

AMSAF Rider Training Scholarships

Arizona residents can apply for an AMSAF Basic Rider Training Scholarship.

Scholarship is open to all Arizona residents 15-years 6-months old or older.

AMSAF has received a combination of Grants from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS), Sponsorship and donations. These funds to AMSAF are to continue its Motorcycle Training Scholarship Campaign. These funds enables AMSAF to continue to offer scholarships each month.

There are two scholarship programs available. Each requires a donation at the time of application:

Basic Rider Course (BRC) is valued at over $300.00 at some Arizona Motorcycle Training Schools and all you need is a $100 donation that is required at the time of the Scholarship application.

  • Prerequisites: Ability to ride a bicycle. Full protective attire is required. Must be of legal age to operate a motorcycle on the street.
  • Depending on State, may need a driver’s license and/or motorcycle permit.
  • The Basic RiderCourse is a complete entry-level, learn-to-ride class that consists of at least 15 hours of formal classroom activities and on-cycle riding exercises conducted over two or three days. About five hours are devoted to learning activities in the classroom, and around 10 hours of hands-on practice are included. Training motorcycles are provided. Successful completion may lead to a waiver of the motorcycle license skill test and an insurance discount.

Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC 2) valued up to $125.00 and a $50 donation is required at the time of the application.

  • Prerequisites: A valid motorcycle permit, license, or endorsement. Riders must provide their own street-legal and safe motorcycle
  • A one-day course for riders with basic skills, this class provides more in-depth riding techniques and procedures than practiced in the BRC. The course consists of activities that emphasize personal risk management and self-assessment strategies, and on-cycle exercises with emphasis in cornering, braking and swerving.
  • For permit holders, this course may be used as a license waiver course, if permitted by state regulations.
  • Riders in this category would be required to successfully complete a knowledge and skill test. For riders already possessing a license or endorsement, the testing portions of the course are optional.

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The Scholarship application process opens the first Monday of each month and at different random times in order to accommodate those working different work schedules. The scholarships close at 12PM on the last day of the month for maintenance.


Scholarship Rules

AMSAF is seeking additional contributions to increase the number of scholarships offered every month. Our goal is to promote motorcycle safety and awareness through education and training. We believe that AMSAF Rider Training Scholarships will enhance motorcycle safety by helping to reduce motorcycle crashes. Remember, your donation helps get someone else into a Motorcycle training course.

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The AMSAF Scholarships being offered today were made possible by funds granted by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS) and Arizona Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (AMSAC).
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